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Bay Area Recyling for Charities (baRc) is a Traverse City, Michigan-based non-profit company providing comprehensive recycling services to residents and businesses in the Grand Traverse Bay area.  What is unique about our company is that we offer our customers the opportunity to give back to the local community.  Through baRc's Customer Shares program each customer annually designates a charity of their choice to be the recipient of the revenues resulting from their recycling partnership with baRc.  

Bay Area Recycling for Charities' Mission is:

To Inspire and Educate All Members of the Community to Utilize the Beneficial Practices of Reuse and Recycling to in turn Support Charitable Programs and Activities in the Community.

We all know that recycling is beneficial to the environment, but what if in the process, you could also help your community and those in need?

That’s the idea behind Bay Area Recycling for Charities (baRc), a non-profit organization serving the five counties that make up the Grand Traverse Bay Area.

Bay Area Recycling for Charities focuses its efforts on converting recyclables into revenues not only to support itself and fund its expansion, but to achieve its ultimate goal of giving maximum donations to local charities.

Bay Area Recycling for Charities offers easy, convenient options for maximizing the effect of your recycling, with a drop-off site and pick-up service. The profits from the resources collected will be contributed to local charities.